Chioma Philip – Elohim (Prod. Dr Roy) + Lyrics

She is dynamic and graced Worshipper Chioma Philip otherwise known as Chiphil drops another single ‘’ELOHIM” This song is Prod. by Dr Roy. Interestingly, she releases this song of worship telling God how good and kind he is to mankind, resounding how we see his glory in creation, even in the midst of chaos and raging storm, God is divinity and with his creative power He has put all things in their place no man can change or shift it no matter how they try, so He is glorious and beautiful.

Chioma Philip – Elohim Prod. Dr Roy
Chioma Philip – Elohim Prod. Dr Roy

She is also celebrating her six years sweet marriage anniversary to the glory of God, this song is her gift to the world.

“ELOHIM” is a must have gospel song and is sure going to bless your life, The ace minister has been leading worship and praise in various circles from the grass root as a great team player/anchor and Possesses great leadership skills. You can enjoy this one below and don’t forget to share.

ELOHIM by Chioma Philip (Chiphil).

Verse 1 solo:
You are good
You are kind
You are glorious so glorious
You are good
You are kind
You are beautiful so beautiful
Elohim Adonai
Elohim Adonai

You are good
You are kind
You are glorious so glorious
You are good
You are kind
You are beautiful so beautiful

Elohim Adonai
Elohim Adonai
(Repeat 4 times)

Solo in between chorus:
You are almighty prince of peace you are
Master the universe
Creator of all things
You are great and
You are everything God yes… you are ….
Yehhh ahhhhh… interlude

You are divinity with creative power
Master and sovereign ruler
You made the sun the moon stars and trees
You put them in there place
My Lord Eloah
Majesty the exalted one
All powerful
Beauty personified
Your glory is seen in creation

Solo: Jesus
(Speak in tongues)
All: Elohim
Solo: Lift your voice and call him Adonai yehhh ahhh
All: Adonai
Solo: His worthy His great His mighty
All: Elohim
Solo: (Speak in tongues)
All: Adonai
Solo: Creator God you are everything oh
All: Elohim
Solo: No one is like you uh uh uh uh
All: Adonai
Solo:Oh oh oh oh God
(Speak in tongues )
Solo: We lift your name We come before you we call you God
All: Adonai
Solo: You never change You remain the same
That’s why I praise your name God
Eyaaaaa ……..(instrumental)
you are God you are good ohhh yes
You are kind ehhhhehhh

(Fade out……)
Jesus….. Lord we praise your name
We’ve come to worship we’ve come to praise you God.

The End

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